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There is nothing but chaos in my mind; work, family, friends, obligations, appointments, meetings, house, car, bills, money.... too many things pulling me in too many directions. But then I pick up my camera, and everything goes blissfully quite, there is nothing but the beauty around me. It is only when I have my camera in my hands that I can truly and completely enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature around me.

1996 began my appreciation and love of photography when I registered for a basic B&W class my second year of college. I never used a SLR before and knew nothing about it. I had never liked taking pictures, and I don't know why I ever signed up for the class, but I fell in love quickly. I went on to take advanced B&W, color, and PhotoShop classes. While in college I got a job as the Lab Manager for Ritz Camera. I went on to work for Michaels Crafts as a Custom Framer. Currently I work for NJ Audubon.

I have always enjoyed being outside. As I grew up, I spent my summers on the beach or knee deep in bay mud in Strathmere, and camping with the Girl Scouts or hiking club the rest of the year. As I got older I was able to explore more on my own. Photography is another way for me to enjoy nature, whether in my backyard or thousands of miles from home.

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